Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Slimfresh and Slicefresh trays are other innovative alternatives we offer our clients aiming to reduce the amount of plastic in our packaging.

Unlike the common plastic trays, we provide a sustainable alternative. It consists of paper trays covered with a thin plastic layer to place any kind of products on top. This is combined with a vacuum packing using another plastic layer that allows all types of product packaging regardless of its shape.

Compared to traditional trays, our method can reduce 75% of the plastic amount being used.

We also improved the product presentation with no air contact or motion in the tray. Once it is opened, this plastic layer attached to the paper can be removed allowing the recycling of both parts separately. We improve our products daily and adjust them to meet the needs of consumers.

Slimfresh Trays


Slicefresh Trays

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