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Covers and meshes to protect cured products. They prevent the appearance of mold, do not let out the grease, ideal for presentation and possibility of printing your logo. We cover all your needs with BRC accreditation.


Thanks to our machinery and continuous evolution, we can offer a wide range of products, from cotton, polypropylene, polyester, polyamide, non-woven and laminated polyester covers, in different personalizations, by silk-screen printing, stamping or embroidery. 

All these products are designed and manufactured to keep the mold in the ham super cially. 

We can supply the covers in pieces or in roll, always using a thermo-sealed packaging suitable for food use. 

Guaranteeing an elegant image of your brand and your product.


Made with cellulose previously treated with a bath of sulfuric acid, it closes the pores of the paper making it a waterproof paper and resistant to high temperatures. 

It is ideal for packing hams, sausages and cheeses, because, thanks to its treatment, the food is preserved without losing its flavor or properties. They keep the product fresh until the last day. 

Suitable for food contact 


It is a cotton or nonwoven fabric to cover the ham once cleaned and ready to cut, it falls around the ham so that it gives an elegant presentation. They can be customized. 


To improve the packaging process of our customers and reduce costs, we offer a continuous semi-automatic packaging line.