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We provide different types of Stockinette for the protection of fresh meats. With the possibility to customize our products according to your needs. We cover all your needs with BRC accreditation.


Our stockinette’s are high quality products ideal for all kind of carcasses or joints. We can provide standard products next day or manufacture bespoke products to your requirements.

Stockinettes, the fastest and smartest way to wrap your meat, are used to cover the meat, to protect it, keep it clean and assist in handling and transport.


Product manufactured with a very resistant polypropylene, able to support 150 kg distributed in 12 hangers. 

They are used, normally, to hang hams and other pieces in dryers, to load, during transport and unload comfortably. 

We offer in white, blue, green, yellow and red color to differentiate each day of the week, differentiate pieces, or simply by image. 

Food contact. 


The bone protector is the most economical way to prevent the bags from being pierced by the bones of the pieces that are vacuum sealed. Bone guards are placed over the exposed bone to protect the food packaging from puncturing and causing leakage. 

The protector is completely transparent so that the nal product looks clean and perfect. Made of polypropylene. 


To improve the packaging process of our customers and reduce costs, we offer a continuous semi-automatic packaging line. Specially designed for carcass wrapping.